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Upon connecting with your Higher self, spirit guides, and Angels, you are delivered the exact healing that you need at this time in your life. Questions are answered, decisions are illuminated, energy is shifted, and guidance is given so you can move forward in a way most aligned with your Highest good. Learn More


Are you interested in reconnecting with a loved one that has passed on? Do you have burning questions or decisions to make in your life but don't know which path to choose? This reading opens a line of communication beyond the veil so you can tap into infinite knowledge and connect with those no longer with us in this realm. Learn More


Cords of energetic attachment are formed when we enter relationships, whether it be as lovers, spouses, parent-child, student-teacher, or any other relationship. Cord Cutting is a permanent solution to help improve relationships, move on from past relationships and remove any negative energies that don’t serve you or belong to you. Learn More


It is so easy to fall out of alignment with all the daily stresses, decision, and delays. We can also be carrying and holding on to energies that no longer serve us or don't belong to us at all. Balancing and rejuvenating the chakras keeps you optimally functioning within your life. Learn More


Feeling completely lost and unsure what you have to offer the world? Why did you come into this life? Why are you here and what work did you come to do? If you're feeling unfulfilled in life, a soul gifts reading can help you determine how to live a life more aligned with using all your gifts. Learn More


Trying to decide on who to hire, who to date, or get an idea of who is trustworthy in your life? Can we trust this person? Is this the best person to work with? Creating an energy profile can illuminate a person's motives, personality, and how well they may fill the role at hand. Learn More


Booming Eye Healing Arts is Kate Moriah, and it is also YOU.


Kate Moriah is a psychic medium and energy-healing practitioner. Through intuitive reading of a person’s energy and tapping in to the Akashic Records, she is able to help identify the soul’s purpose and unique gifts. Using shamanic practices, Kate detects and addresses obstacles that may be hindering one’s peace of mind and personal expansion. After meeting with Kate, clients report gaining life-changing insights, positive shifts in their work, relationships and experience an overall sense of well-being and improved quality of life.

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