10 Healing Crystals to Help with Grieving

Grieving is an immensely personal process. No matter what your background is or what your beliefs are in regards to life and death, the passing of someone in our life can be completely jarring.

When we have lost someone close to us, there is so much to process. We must go through our own unique progression through our intense emotions to fully understand our new reality. Whether human or animal, we are faced with the reality of mortality. That conjures up a LOT of emotion to move through, and often a lot of questions with it, especially when it affects us so personally.

Fortunately, there is so much information available to help us navigate through the feeling of having our world turned upside-down.

You may already be familiar with the 5 steps of the grieving process:

  1. Denial – In this stage, we haven’t fully accepted what has occurred and cling to the reality that we once knew which includes the deceased.
  2. Anger – This is when the reality of the person or animal being gone starts to set in and we become enraged. The anger can be directed at anyone; yourself, the individual who passed, even God.
  3. Bargaining – We often understand this phase as the time when dashboard prayers are made. We may change our own lifestyle to avoid a similar fate or try striking deals with the Universe to bring them back.
  4. Depression – This is when you are most likely to feel hopeless and lose any zest for life. It is not uncommon to experience the feeling that your own life has been taken from you, so you may feel there is no point in continuing on.
  5. Acceptance – The final stage is when true healing and forward movement occurs. You may not fully understand that circumstances but you start to accept the inevitable and emotions start to become more stable. You can think in terms of future again.

It is imperative that you allow yourself to move through each phase in your own time. Grieving cannot be a rush job. Each emotion that you feel is valid and needs to be energetically processed through your emotional filter. This can feel overwhelming and like a never-ending spiral at times. As difficult as this may be, there are many tools that can assist you in your grieving process, including healing crystals.

The following is a list of stones that can assist you in each phase of the grieving process:


  • Apache Tears – opens the floodgates of grief, ideal for the clearing and release of grieving emotions
  • Carnelian – the grounding energies of carnelian will aid in the processing of shocking information, allowing you to stay connected to Gaia in this process


  • Aquamarine – known as a stone of release, the watery energy encourages you to let out all the anger and rage you may be feeling so that it doesn’t get stuck in your auric body
  • Onyx – this stone is powerfully strong and is able to handle the harshest of anger in order to help you clear it away


  • Amethyst – the all-healer, dispels fear and anxiety while alleviating sadness and grief
  • Lepidolite – calms the nerves and takes the frantic desire to fix or correct the situation and restores a sense of peace


  • Ruby Zoisite – offers spiritual solace, comforts and supports you to get back in touch with your passion for life without blocking core feelings
  • Moss Agate – known for eliminating depression and clearing blocked energy, encouraging clearing of stagnant, stuck energy


  • Rose Quartz – one of the most compassionate stones, gently offering unconditional love through your healing
  • Moonstone – ideal for bringing your organic emotions back to a stabilized state and equalizing your inner “tides”

If you are currently going through a grieving process, I sincerely offer you my deepest sympathies. I understand how deeply this can change your whole life. As you move through this process, never forget your own inner strength. You will get through this and continue to live a beautiful and meaningful life. It is up to you how you move through this process. Find comfort with these healing crystal energies and trust that our loved ones never truly leave.


Love and light, xox

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