4 Most Effective Ways to Connect and Work With Your Inner Child and Ego

4 Most Effective Ways to Connect and Work with Your Inner Child and Ego

4 Most Effective Ways to Connect and Work with Your Inner Child and EgoWorking with the inner child and the ego is nothing new to the spiritual community. The notion of having these separate aspects of ourselves have long been discussed in the world of psychology and spirituality. They have been presented as 2 distinctly different parts of the self and should be treated accordingly, right?

Well…maybe not. I have a theory on this.

From doing my own work on healing my inner child and learning how to navigate the sticky parts of the ego, I have found that the inner child and the ego are not a separate being or energy as we have been led to believe.

For decades, since her introduction, the inner child has been touted as an aspect of self that needs to be nurtured and healed and will act out in ways that are sabotaging if not honored. This position has created a focus that has grossly dominated the spiritual healing circuit as a priority. All the while, the ego which is doing the job it was designed to do (protect us from harm and keep us alive) has been discredited and cast aside. We have been collectively instructed to neglect and ignore the ego as it just gets in the way, blocks us from awakening, and prevents us from moving forward.

In doing my own inner work, I discovered that these energies within myself are not independent from one another. They actually seem to come from the same place and have the same motivation — they just present themselves differently.

As a fear rises up that makes me question an action, a decision, trusting a person, etc., this is coming from the same aspect of self: the underlying concern of “I don’t want to get hurt.”

Both the inner child and the ego are just doing their best job to prevent you from doing anything, accepting anything, or being in a position that will cause any kind of harm to your physical, mental, emotional, or psychic body. Granted the reasons for these fears rising up are widely varied, the delivery is coming from the ego or inner child.

Therefore, when working with your inner child to heal past traumas and issues as you move along your spiritual journey, I encourage you to incorporate nurturing the ego as well.

Wait, what?

Nurture the ego?

Am I mad?

Yeah, I know! This goes against everything that we’ve been taught. “Cast aside the ego!” “Don’t listen to the loud booming voice of the ego!” “The ego only holds you back!” “The ego only keeps you in fear!”

This all may be true. But let’s look at this presentation as a symptom and not the cause.

What if we treat the ego in the same way as we would a child? My proposition for you is to try to take the following steps in your approach to dealing with the ego. Then you can tell me which method is more effective towards your highest good and overall healing.

  • Step 1: Protect
  • Step 2: Nurture
  • Step 3: Educate
  • Step 4: Love

Check out the video below to learn how to implement these steps when healing your own inner child and ego.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to book an Intuitive Healing session.

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Love and light, xox

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