A Quick Guide on How to Choose Happiness

A Quick Guide on How to Choose Happiness

A Quick Guide on How to Choose HappinessWe all know by now how  easy it can be to fall into the pattern of negative thinking or self-deprecation. It’s not a surprise because we are constantly bombarded by antagonizing and pessimistic messaging in our media, families, jobs, relationships, etc. It’s overwhelming if we allow it and can be all-consuming when we are not on our game.

This tends to have a bigger effect on our psyche than we realize. Since the experience we have in this life is directly related to our internal experience, we are the one’s who are creating our own happiness (or lack thereof).

This can be a difficult truth for many because it is not always easy to accept the responsibility for our own lives. We are accustomed to blaming others or finding causes and reasons why things aren’t going the way we would like them to.

So if we are feeding into the depths of negative messaging and beliefs, that is exactly the kind of life we will lead. A life full of stress, drama, negative interactions, health issues, and the like, are all common when we are following the low vibration energy.

Living a happy life is essentially a continuous series of decisions where we decide to choose happiness over following the negative energy flow. By being vigilant in making consistent choices of following our happiness in each moment, it then becomes a habit.

Once we are in the habit of making choices based off of our happiness, guess what happens… we are living a happy life!

Yes, it really is that simple! And you are more in control of your life than you realize.

Check out the video below to learn ways on how to apply this principle to your life right now.

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