Tune in every Saturday night at 11pm PST to join Radio Host Maury Eskenazi, Jacob Vail from Worlds Beyond in Marysville and Kate Moriah of Booming Eye Healing Arts talk about all of the things that go bump in the night!!

  • Ghost stories
  • Psychic stuff
  • Aliens
  • Bigfoot
  • Other worlds
  • And more!!


In case you missed a recording and want to catch up, you can find the history of shows below:

Episode 13: Cryptids – 7/22/17

They’re creepy, they’re spooky, and most definitely all together ooky! This week Maury, Jacob and Kate discuss few of the top most popular legendary Cryptids, like the Sasquatch, the Dogmen of Michigan, and La Loba, to name a few.

Episode 12: Raising Psychic Kids – 7/15/17

It’s “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” here on Around the Campfire! Listen in as Jacob’s mom and dad, and Kate’s mom, share all the crazy and cool things that came from raising psychic children, as well as some of the difficulties that come with the territory.

Episode 11: TV + Movies vs Real Life – 7/1/17

Have you ever wondered how much of the paranormal stuff you see on television and in the movies is real? This week, we talk about a few shows and how they compare to how things really work in real life.

Episode 10: Angels + Demons – 6/24/17

Many of us wrestle with our own inner angels and demons, but how do these beings work in real life? Maury, Jacob and Kate dive into the technicalities of angels and demons.

Episode 9: Aliens Among Us – 6/17/17

Where do you stand on the Alien debate? For many of us, it isn’t a matter of “do they exist?” but more of a matter of “Who are they?” This week, Maury, Jacob and Kate discuss all the different types of aliens and how they could be walking among us.

Episode 8: Empaths – 6/10/17

Do you sometimes feel like the world is just too harsh to live in and you are constantly affected by other people’s moods and energy? Tune in to the episode on empaths to learn what type of empath you might be and how to better manage your energy.

Special Guest: Charley Henderson from Mystical Winds Fairs and Universal Life and Light

Episode 7: Hauntings, Part II – 6/03/17

Maury, Jacob and Kate get further into different types of hauntings and compare notes with local Psychic Medium, Author, and Teacher Carol Geiler of carolgeiler.com. We also hear about a lifetime of paranormal experiences by special guest, Ashley Collins.

Special Guest: Carol Geiler from CarolGeiler.com, and Ashley Collins

Episode 6: Hauntings, Part I – 5/27/17

Maury, Jacob and Kate get into the different types of hauntings caused by earth-bound spirits and other. We also recount a recent exorcism that took place locally. Could it have been your neighbor?

Episode 5: Fairies – 5/20/17

Maury, Jacob and Kate want to know if fairies really do exist. We talk all about it with special guests Jamie Spotts from http://jamiespotts.com and local fairy expert, Sarah Best.

Special Guest: Jamies Spotts from JamieSpotts.com, and Sairah Best

Episode 4: Astral Travel – 5/13/17

Maury, Jacob and Kate talk all about Astral Travel and Astral Projection. Have you had any out of body experiences yourself?

Episode 3: Soul Mates – 5/6/17

Maury, Jacob and Kate discuss Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Soul Fragmentation and more.

Episode 2: Psychics and Mediums – 4/29/17

Maury, Jacob and Kate share their experiences of what it is like to be psychic and communicate with spirits from the other side.

Episode 1: Energy Work – 4/22/17

Special Guest: Charley Henderson from Mystical Winds Fairs and Universal Life and Light