My Top Technique to Help with Intense Pain

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailDealing with physical pain is just one of those not-so-fun parts of being human. It’s not pleasant, it’s certainly not comfortable, and it can sometimes be so intense that it’s unbearable! What can you do about that? Well, in order to understand how to deal with pain, first we must understand what pain is: […]

What’s the Difference Between Being Selfish and Self Love

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIt can certainly be difficult to discern the difference between being selfish and self love when we live in a world that skews messages regarding either one. But there is a difference! Nowadays, we are surrounded by so many selfish actions of others. From the larger scale of our political leaders and terrorists affecting […]

How to Use Your Body as a Pendulum

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailLife seems to be a string of constant decisions. In each moment, we have an infinite number of decisions to make and what we choose to focus our attention upon. “Do we make dinner at home or get take out again?” “Do I wear the black jacket or navy blazer to that meeting?” “Which […]

A Guide to Remove and Heal Traumatic Visual Images and Memories

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailEvery single one of us walking the Earth right now has been through some type of trauma. We have all experienced pain to some degree. It is impossible to be conscious in this density as a human adult and squeak by without ever having some type of painful event happen in your life. Yes, […]

How to Move Beyond Feeling Stuck

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailWe’ve all been there: that feeling of being stuck within our life. Whether it be feeling stuck in our hometown growing up, stuck in a relationship that we aren’t happy in, stuck in a job that’s going nowhere, stuck in our weight loss journey, stuck, stuck, just feeling stuck. How do we get out […]

Crystal Healing: What are Crystal Key Points?

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIt’s September already, can you believe it?! I can, because September is my birth month! And I’m all about that celebration of life! In honor of celebrating my birth month, I’d like to give a gift to YOU! I know, I know, that’s not typically how birthdays work. But what fun is celebrating if […]

5 Techniques for Remembering Your Dreams

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailWhether you remember them by the time you awake from slumber or not, we all dream. Tapping into the dream state opens up a whole new realm of possibility when it comes to expanding our consciousness, as well as enhancing our whole life. Dreaming has long been studied and often misunderstood by scientific communities, […]

Empath, Part II: What Type of Empath Are You?

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailNow that you’ve determined that you are most certainly an empath by combing through the list of 30 Signs You’re an Empath in my last post, today we are going to discuss the different types of empath there are. There are many different ways an individual can connect with the energy or consciousness of another. […]