Empath, Part I: 30 Signs You’re an Empath

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailYou have probably heard the term “Empath” somewhere in your daily life or among the Internet. Thankfully, Empathy is gaining notoriety among the people. Yet there are still many of us out there who are unfamiliar with the term. Even more so, there are those out there who are unaware that they themselves are […]

What No One Tells You About Why Our Jobs Matter

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailSince the industrialization era, there has been a work template that we all seem to follow. It is part of the “hive mind mindset” that we need to work 40 hours a week and have a steady paycheck in order to afford all the things that would make us be seen as “successful.” That […]

A Guided Exercise on How to Communicate with Animals Energetically

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailAnimal Communication is a magnificent topic and healing modality. It is something that many of us do without even realizing. And there is also the reality that many of us project our own thoughts and feelings on animals, also without realizing. How can we tell the difference of the information we are receiving? Well, […]

The Secret to Not Taking Things Personally

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIf you are as emotionally sensitive as I am, you already know that managing the way you experience other people’s emotions, and sometime opinions, can be a struggle. Sometimes it is almost impossible not to take things personally… especially when other people tend to not take responsibility for their effect on others. Especially, especially […]

Phases of Dark Night of the Soul: Spiritual Transformation Through Depression

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailDuring our journey in this lifetime, many of us experience moments of feeling depressed. There may be some bad news or a feeling of failure or rejection that may trigger this sensation, but we just write it off as a normal feeling, therefore a normal part of life. Well, what happens when the depression […]

Symptoms of Existential Homesickness and 4 Ways to Manage

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailA lot of individuals are experiencing an odd sensation that is difficult to identify. Not just light workers and energy healers, but the average Jane and Joe have been experiencing an odd, chronic mood that can only be described as feeling homesick for a place other than planet earth. An inner knowing that Earth […]

How to Balance Your 4 Bodies of Consciousness

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailLiving a human experience in this world of 3-Dimensional density, we are bombarded with a hyper focus on the physical body. We are shown images of what it is to be attractive and sold products to improve upon our physical appearance where we are obviously “lacking”. We are marketed high-end vitamins, luxuriously textured bed […]

5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailOne of the biggest hurtles in my own life has been the struggle with self-confidence. For most of my life, I was looking for validation outside of myself, not realizing the genuine power I carried within. Understandably, this lead to years and years of not knowing my own self-worth and seriously lacking in self-confidence. […]

A Quick Guide on How to Choose Happiness

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailWe all know by now how  easy it can be to fall into the pattern of negative thinking or self-deprecation. It’s not a surprise because we are constantly bombarded by antagonizing and pessimistic messaging in our media, families, jobs, relationships, etc. It’s overwhelming if we allow it and can be all-consuming when we are […]