Do I Really Need Tools on a Spiritual Path? Minimalism vs Spiritualism

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIf you are new to embracing your spiritual path and wondering where to begin, the amount of advice and guidance out there can be incredibly overwhelming. Especially when you feel like you need to give up all of your possessions and take a vow of poverty just to reach enlightenment. Actually, sometimes, we need to heal […]

4 Most Effective Ways to Connect and Work with Your Inner Child and Ego

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailWorking with the inner child and the ego is nothing new to the spiritual community. The notion of having these separate aspects of ourselves have long been discussed in the world of psychology and spirituality. They have been presented as 2 distinctly different parts of the self and should be treated accordingly, right? Well…maybe […]

How to Navigate a Harsh World as a Highly Sensitive Empath

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailHighly sensitive people and empaths take in the world in very different ways than the average Joe. Whether the empathic gift is of the emotional variety, intellectual, plant empathy, animal empathy, or other, it is as if their wiring is tuned in to a wider range of informational frequencies, meaning they are receiving a […]

5 Ways How You Can Ground Spiritually

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailHaving 30 different things on your mind is more common than not nowadays. With the world we live in, it is all too easy to become scattered, distracted, frenzied, stressed, spacey — just all around ungrounded. When we are feeling distracted, unbalanced and tense with fear, we aren’t fully present in the moment. This […]

How To Find Your Purpose: Soul Gifts Reading

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailAre you feeling completely lost and unsure of what you have to offer the world? Are you feeling directionless and wondering why you came into this life? Why are you here and what work did you come to do? If you’re feeling unfulfilled with your direction in life, there’s good news! We all have […]

A Brief Overview of Psychic Mediumship

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailPsychic Mediumship is an incredible communication technique where we are able to communicate with those who have departed from physical form on this Earth. With the growing popularity of psychic mediumship in the mainstream media, you may have already heard of this incredible and powerful communication tool. When someone has passed on who has […]

How to Get the Exact Energy Work You Need: Intuitive Healing

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIf you are at a place in your life where you have tried everything you can think of to tackle a specific challenge, taken all of the advice given to you by professionals and loved ones, and listened to all the recommendations and suggestions you read on the internet, but are still unable to […]

7 Questions Answered about Cord Cutting Sessions

Share this!FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailAs we move through life, those that we enter into a relationship with, no matter how long-term or short-term, there is an exchange of energy. Through this exchange of energy, we learn life lessons, move through karma, and play out patterns. In a loving relationship that is healthy, there is a bond and exchange […]