Beginner’s Guide: How to Create a Starter Set of Healing Crystals

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailChances are if you have any attraction to rocks, crystals, and gemstones, you already have a select few in your life. And if you’re anything like me when I was starting out, you may even have a bit more than a few! Starter crystals are honestly whatever speak to you. Sometimes those special stones […]

Quick Guide to Energy Profiling: Reading Energy of Other People

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailOne of the psychic services that I offer is Energy Profiling to help people feel confident in the decisions they make moving forward in their life. Not many people know something like this even exists, so understandably, that comes with a lot of questions: First and foremost, what exactly is energy profiling? If you have questions, doubts, […]

Exciting New Services and Rates

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIn the recent weeks, there have been so many exciting developments at Booming Eye Healing Arts!! I’m excited to update you on some changes I’m making to my services that are going to help you move beyond the blockages in your life that prevent you from truly reaching your dreams and desires. I’ve been so very […]

The Sedona Trip: Part II – New Friends

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailSedona, Arizona is one of those magical places you hear about, but never truly know it until you visit there yourself. It leaves it’s mark on you in one way or another. Each person I have spoken to about their experience in Sedona, past or present, visiting or living locally, has been uniquely different! Sedona […]

How to End Old Emotional Patterns

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailIn order to learn a life lesson, you need to digest it emotionally. It is part of the lesson intake process – part of the spiritual digestion, if you will. You can come up against the same exact situation in your life over and over and again. Different names, different faces, but the same […]

11 Signs and Symptoms of Awakening, Ascension, Psychic Abilities

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailWe are in a very exciting time where the world as we know it is going through another massive shift in consciousness. And with this global shift, more and more people are “waking up” to their own Truths. We are going through an ascension or awakening process! This is incredibly exciting because it means […]

The Business of “Is-ness”

Share this!FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestLinkedinRedditemailAs some of you know, I recently took a trip to Sedona, Arizona over the holidays. Sedona is praised as the “Mecca” for new age spiritual folks, and rightly so! Sedona is amazing because it is a location that offers many energy vortexes coming from Mother Earth, naturally attracting those who are on a […]