Happy New Year!!

Happy 2017, dear friends!!! What a beautiful time of year, when everything feels fresh, new, and ready to begin again!! No matter how tired, defeated, or anxious you may have felt at the end of 2016, something about the turn of the clock into the new year brings a clean slate. And with clean slates […]


Yes, you read that right! ✨❤️🎉ETSY SHOP NOW OPEN!!! 🎉❤️✨ It’s here y’all!! Today is the day!! Booming Eye Healing Arts has officially opened its cyber doors!!! I can hear what you’re thinking: “Not another Etsy shop!” Here’s why this one is different: This one isn’t about hopping on that jewelry-making band wagon, although that […]

Mookaite: A Stone Meant to be Shared

While visiting Oregon last week, we were delighted to be there on the final day of the farmers market. At the very end of the all vendors sat a local stone and fossil vendor. I skipped up to his table and immediately felt drawn to a new stone that I never heard of before: Mookaite. […]