CHALLENGE: Free Your Freaks

CHALLENGE: Free Your Freak + Announcements

CHALLENGE: Free Your FreaksThis week is the Capricorn New Moon bringing in some challenging energy of ambition, focus and practicality. At the same time, it also stirs that which has been brewing deep beneath the surface of our emotions and psyche – our inner “freak.”

Those repressed, hidden, dark corners of our personas that lurk in the shadows tend to manifest one way or the other. They can come out in the form of a bad temper, addiction, sexual fetishes or fantasies, or even false beliefs that play out in our daily lives.

This Capricorn New Moon is asking us to release these spring-loaded aspects of ourselves so that we can fully integrate and move forward on our path. Liberate these hidden aspects, shine light on the shadows, and FREE YOUR FREAK!


This week, I challenge you to allow the hidden inner parts of yourself to be explored and fully expressed. Free that inner freak! Explore the deep desires, impulses and attractions to fully understand all parts of yourself without judgement.

In doing this, you will either allow yourself to heal old wounds that have long been buried. Or, you may find a hidden talent or soul gift that went unexpressed. Either way, you are empowering yourself to move forward more liberated than before!


Also, sharing some announcements.

ALL NEW! Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course is here! If you didn’t catch it yet, be sure to check it out. Learn more and sign up here.

STAY TUNED for the brand spanking new podcast, Psychic Episodes coming up next week!

But back to this week’s challenge; watch the video below and set yourself free!

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to reach out or book an Intuitive Healing Session. Let’s fly those freak flags together!

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Love and light, xox

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