Quick Guide: Cleansing and Sharing Stones

This weekend, my family and I went to a local rock and gem show, curious to see if maybe a stone or two wanted to come home with us. Well, it was more like a few dozen that really spoke to us! For the record, the same thing happens whenever we walk into an animal adoption event! I JUST WANT TO LOVE ALL THE THINGS!

Check out this GORGEOUS haul from gem show:


Both my mom and I brought a few stones to have identified at the rock and gem show. She had a beautiful piece of carnelian that was deceivingly dark. She suspected it was carnelian — and to her delight, she was right! Go mom!

I brought 2 different stones to be identified. One of them has been a recent favorite of mine that I found while dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean during a trip to the Oregon Coast. This little black beauty appeared at my feet and almost shouted at me to pick her up and bring her home. I have been in LOVE with this little stone since but have had no idea what type of stone it is. Turns out, she is a lively piece of basalt! Her energy just bursts out of her and I can literally feel a fizzing of energy in my hand when I hold her. Such an energetic little sweetheart. <3

As I was explaining my joy and love for this stone to the vendor, Herbert, another customer who was exploring the black tourmaline to protect her son after a recent car accident asked if she could hold my stone because that fizzy feeling sounded really cool.

I must admit, my first thought was “Eek! Don’t get your sticky energy all over it!” But I allowed her to hold my stone and just figured I can cleanse it later.

This experience showed me that I have been acting like a crystal energy germaphobe! Lol! When it comes to sharing crystals, I have been very fearful. I realize that I have had a fear of allowing strangers to touch or hold my crystals or gemstones. Family is ok but even with friends, it gets a little sticky. I imagine their energy is like tacky taffy. Whoever touches the stones would leave their energetic residue on there, thus leaving it tainted with their energy and lessening it’s power.

Well what do you know, once I was able to acknowledge this fear, I was able to move through it! These stones are so generous offering their healing energies to all who need it, whether they know it or not. I need to take a tip from these stones and loosen up! Maybe that woman needed a bit of the fire energy that my basalt had to offer. Now I am happy to have shared my basalt with her, especially since she really seemed to appreciate holding it. It turned out to be a beautiful experience between 2 strangers.

Once I took my basalt stone home and cleansed her, she was good as new! Back to her lively self and ready to offer her energy to whoever needs it.

With proper cleansing of stones (some say that there are self-clearing stones like citrine or selenite, though others say that’s not true) there is no need to be OCD like me about energy contamination. Stones can be used and reused for healing different individuals when the proper steps are taken.

However, if there is a stone that you have a special relationship with, definitely keep that one attuned to your own energy. Like if you have programmed a stone to do some active healing for you, then it might be a good idea to just allow the stone to do the work for you without interruption by other people’s energy.

When working with stones, we really do have an energy relationship with them. They are our friends, our coworkers, our therapists — by doing the healing work, taking our fears away, injecting love into our life, the stones become some of the closest and most loving relationships! I can attest as I fall deeply in love with stones all the time.

And, believe it or not, some stones are monogamous while others are a bit more into free love. But just like with the relationships we have in our 3 dimensional life, we need to be clear about the intentions. So if you don’t want your stone to be dating anyone other than you, you need to have that talk and set the intention. Fortunately it’s a lot less awkward with these beautiful stones than with that cutie pie you just started seeing, lol!

There are so many ways to clear your stones. Some methods include:

  • smoke via incense or sage
  • running water (although not the best for all stones, like selenite)
  • salt (not iodized, think sea salt)
  • moonlight and sunlight cycle
  • using other stones to cleanse and recharge

If you have a stone or a few that you would like to clear, you will find an exercise below on how you can do just that. Your preferred (or available) method is really up to you. Go with whatever feels right to you. For this exercise, however, I chose sage to clear my crystals.

How to Cleanse a Stone Using Sage:

    1. Light a small branch or bundle of sage. You can find this easily at any health food store or metaphysical shop. Your best best is to check where ever there is incense. 😉
    2. Hold your stone with your fingers and pass it through the smoke, back and forth, like you’re washing it in the smoke.
    3. Focus on the intention of clearing the stone. The power of intention goes a long way!
    4. The power of spoken word can go even farther! If you feel comfortable, you can say the following phrase (or whatever you come up with) as you pass the crystal through the smoke:

I cleanse this stone of all negative energy. I clear it of all energy that no longer serves me. I am open and grateful to receive all the beautiful healing energy this stone has for me. For the Highest good. And so it is. 

  1. Your stone is clean and is ready to be used or programmed!

Have fun getting to know your stone and falling in love with it. I will be sharing how to program your stone in the next post.

Love and light, xox

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