What Type of Empath are You?

Empath, Part II: What Type of Empath Are You?

What Type of Empath are You?Now that you’ve determined that you are most certainly an empath by combing through the list of 30 Signs You’re an Empath in my last post, today we are going to discuss the different types of empath there are.

There are many different ways an individual can connect with the energy or consciousness of another. And more than likely, you are more than one type of empath; meaning, you may have the ability to connect to more than one type of being in more than one way.

Whether you connect with humans more so than plants, or healing crystals and stones over animals, these are all different types of empathy. Discovering the type of empath you are is a crucial step in determining how you can best use your gifts, and therefore develop them further.

Figuring out which type(s) of empath you are can also additionally help with the age-old question of “what is my purpose?” Empathy is closely linked to the soul gifts that we are born with. Illuminating these gifts help guide us to the work that we are meant to do during our time here on Earth.

If you’re curious to discover what type of empath you are, check out the video below for more detailed information.

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