Gift Certificates are Here!

 Is there someone in your life that you want to thank in a truly custom and unique way?

 Do you need to find a gift for that person who has just about everything but says they need nothing?

 Do you have that special someone in your life who you wish you could give them the answers they’re looking for?

Look no further!

Gift Certificates for Intuitive Healing Sessions are the answer.

Each reading offers a confidential, custom and uniquely tailored experience that will have a lasting effect.  Consisting of  a combination of services, your reading may include energy work, predictions, healing, connecting to souls that have passed on, and so on.

The goal for each session is to deliver the exact healing and messages needed from Spirit at that time. The results of Intuitive Healing Sessions have ranged from uplifting to life changing.

Giving the gift of a personal experience tailored to the individual is as thoughtful as you can get. A truly considerate gift and memorable experience for your partner, sibling, loved ones, employees, friends, or whoever you have on your gift list.

Also a great idea if you want to donate a reading for a charitable cause or auction!

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