A Guide to Remove and Heal Traumatic Visual Images and Memories

A Guide to Remove and Heal Traumatic Visual Images and Memories

A Guide to Remove and Heal Traumatic Visual Images and MemoriesEvery single one of us walking the Earth right now has been through some type of trauma. We have all experienced pain to some degree. It is impossible to be conscious in this density as a human adult and squeak by without ever having some type of painful event happen in your life.

Yes, even those born into wealth and luxury are not above energetic wounds.

Spiritually, it is simply part of our evolution.

Realistically, it effects us on every level. Sometimes to a debilitating degree – especially, if it goes unhealed.

What happens when you’re haunted by a traumatic memory?

By the time we experience trauma in third dimensional reality, it has already passed through our energetic body. If we do not fully process the event mentally and emotionally, our bodies store wounded information in our physical bodies.

This information can be stored as bad memories trapped in the synapses of our brains. It can also be stored in our bodies, like when a victim of attack cannot be touched without being triggered. It does this by locking away the negative or low-vibration energy.

This means it is always there until dealt with! So even if we are feeling happy, honky-dory in the moment, the risk of being triggered is ever-present.

There’s Light at the End

If we carry on in our lives without fully processing and healing these wounds, it is much like having a negative hitchhiker attached to your aura. Through healing, we are able to transmute these lower density vibrations into higher vibrations.

The advantages of healing don’t just end at no longer being triggered easily. Healing these past traumas can carry over into other parts of our lives, as well.

After doing energy healing work, we may find a longterm physical ailment clears up. Or we may discover our lives begin to flow a little easier with less drama and heartache around every turn.

In the video below, I share a visualization exercise to help you remove and heal traumatic visual images and memories. Happy healing, my beautiful friends.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to book an Intuitive Healing Session to remove traumatic memories and painful energy from your life.

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Love and light, xox

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