How to Balance Your 4 Bodies of Consciousness

How to Balance Your 4 Bodies of Consciousness

How to Balance Your 4 Bodies of ConsciousnessLiving a human experience in this world of 3-Dimensional density, we are bombarded with a hyper focus on the physical body.

We are shown images of what it is to be attractive and sold products to improve upon our physical appearance where we are obviously “lacking”. We are marketed high-end vitamins, luxuriously textured bed sheets, all natural skin care regimen and other specialized products to dote upon our physical bodies in hopes of achieving optimum health and balance.

When something feels “off,” we are told something is wrong and we are sent to medical professionals who run physical tests looking for evidence of something that needs to be treated, operated on, removed, or medicated.

As a society, we are solely focused on the physical – which makes sense living in such a physical reality. However, it doesn’t begin and end with the physical body. We have other bodies that we need to tune into, maintain, and adore.

What are the 4 Bodies of Consciousness?

Although the focus may be on the physical body in this reality, there is more than just the physical. The 4 bodies of consciousness are as follows:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Energy, Auric, or Ethereal

If there are issues in your physical body, chances are it didn’t originate there. Our Physical body is our indicator that shows us there are issues needing our attention. In order to find out what they are, we need to work our way up the chain by exploring our other bodies of consciousness.

Check out the video below to find out how to best bring your 4 bodies of consciousness into alignment and use your bodies to do some incredible healing work and problem solving.

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