How to Program Your Stones and Crystals

In my last post, I shared with you how to cleanse and share stones for meditation and healing purposes. In today’s post, I want to share how to take that a step further by programming your stones and crystals so that you can utilize the healing power within the stones.

Yeah, baby! Let’s do some healin’!

By now, you will already have selected a stone (or stones) based on your intention. You listened to which one(s) called to you based on what you are trying to achieve. You would have cleansed the stone to rid it of all energetic debris that does not serve you or your highest good, leaving the stone cleansed and ready for you to program it.

To walk you through an example, I have chosen to work with my black tourmaline. My intention is to get help navigating the spirit realm during meditation while feeling safe and protected.

How to Program Your Stone/Healing Crystal

1. Hold the stone in one hand or both, depending on what is comfortable. Sometimes smaller stones, I wedge in between my fingers for a snug fit. Study the beauty of the stone – because you know that baby is gorgeous! Appreciate it. Connect with it. Feel the energy emitting from the stone. WARNING: You may fall in love with a LOT of gemstones this way. 😉 Some are so lively that you can literally feel a buzzing or a carbonation effect. Sometimes a crystal is so lively, it might just fall right out of your hand! Other times, it can be so soothing that a calming wave just washes over you when you hold it. It just depends on the crystal!

2. Once you feel connected to the energy of the stone, it’s time to articulate your intention. By using clear and precise words, state the intention in a confident manner to the stone. You can speak directly to the stone out loud, say it internally, or  whisper it directly into the stone. I prefer whispering directly to the stone as I believe my breath carries energetic impact in addition to the words. When you are speaking to your stone, thank the stone for providing you with the healing energy you need. In my case, using the black tourmaline, it may go a little something like this:

“Thank you black tourmaline for giving me protection and strength to explore the spiritual realm. I trust that I am safe and protected to navigate into other worlds and return safely. In the Highest faith. So be it.”

It’s that easy. 🙂

In order to benefit from the healing energy of the stone, you can use it a myriad of ways:

  • hold during meditation, ask it questions and listen to the answers arise like your searching your own inner-gut Google
  • place it on a chakra that you want to work on during healing journeys or soul retrievals
  • wear on your body as jewelry or in a stone pouch through out the day
  • keep it in your pocket and hold it when you need to tap into the energy — you can connect to it energetically like a Bluetooth device 😀
  • keep it in your physical area: work desk, kitchen where you cook, nightstand for healing work in dreams — though, touching your body directly has the most impact
  • or break the rules and use it however you want! If your intuition is telling you to tuck a stone in your hair and then seal it with a bun, go for it!

Some stones hold a programmed intention a little longer than others, so be aware that if you no longer feel the healing effects of the stone, it may need to be cleansed and reprogrammed.

Happy healing!

Love and light, xox

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