Mookaite: A Stone Meant to be Shared

While visiting Oregon last week, we were delighted to be there on the final day of the farmers market. At the very end of the all vendors sat a local stone and fossil vendor. I skipped up to his table and immediately felt drawn to a new stone that I never heard of before: Mookaite.

Mookaite is a type of jasper known to have healing properties to prepare one for new beginnings. It allows one to move forward without fear and embrace change. It can also allow one to see all the possibilities of a situation but have the clarity of choosing the “right” path for them.

Well I chose a stone intended for my mom to gave it to her as a thank you gift for house sitting while we were gone. Well figures, now that I was introduced to Mookaite, I am seeing it EVERYWHERE! Doesn’t that always seem to happen? You learn about something new and then it appears everywhere? Synchronicity!Mookaite must be on my radar for a reason.

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-5-27-25-pmFast forward to a few days later, my mom is visiting us. She is telling a story and dancing with joy in our kitchen and the Mookaite slips out of her pocket and falls to the floor breaking in 2 pieces.

As the 3 of us are standing around looking at the broken pieces, I ask my mom if I can have a piece. She looks shocked and says “I JUST said that this was meant to be shared with you right before you walked in the room!”

She asked me which piece I liked. Of course, I chose the heart shaped piece. 😁❤️

We were amazed to feel the energetic difference in the 2 pieces. Her piece had a slow heartbeat type of throb to it, while my piece was literally buzzing with energy. Such different energies — yet both pieces came from the same stone! 💎

How perfect for the mother and child bond. We once shared the same heart but now have 2 distinctly separate energies. Now we share the same stone with two distinctly different energies. Don’t you just love synchronicity?! 💗

Love and light, xoxo

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