Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course

NEW! Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course

Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course

Hello my lovely friends!! Happy 2018!!

I’m THRILLED to announce after months of dedication, ending with the final weeks of reclusion, Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course is here!!

In this course, you will learn the healing techniques and crystal energy work that have helped countless people all around the globe and across the millennia.

Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course

Students will learn about the energies of various crystals, several methods which use crystals in healing work, and how to incorporate remedial crystal energies into daily life. Lessons are reinforced with exercises provided throughout the course and a series of questions are presented at the end of each module. Safe and effective techniques with an abundance of valuable information are distilled into 6 modules.

Course Description

You are taught how to apply the energetic healing power of crystals in a practical way. The course moves through a selection of lessons and practice exercises designed to assist in mastering techniques which include but are not limited to:

– Cleansing and clearing stones
– Healing the physical body, energy body and physical space
– How to “spot the fakes”

Upon completion of Crystal Healing Work: A Complete Course, students will be equipped to practice Crystal Healing professionally or as a personal healing modality.

The course will be available for free until January 18 – after that I will be pricing it at $499. You don’t need to begin taking the course now, but be sure to enroll before the 18th to secure your FREE spot.

Here is the link to access the course:

You’re welcome to share this course with as many people as you’d like! Learn something new for the new year!

Thank you for your time, encouragement and continued support! I have much love for you!

Happy Healing!

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