Quick Guide to Energy Profiling: Reading Energy of Other People

One of the psychic services that I offer is Energy Profiling to help people feel confident in the decisions they make moving forward in their life. Not many people know something like this even exists, so understandably, that comes with a lot of questions:

First and foremost, what exactly is energy profiling?

If you have questions, doubts, hopes, fears, wishes, hesitations, or suspicions about a person in your life , this is a perfect option for you!

Logically, you want answers if there is someone in your life, past or present, that you just can’t figure out. Is this person:

  • trustworthy?
  • financially-motivated?
  • genuine and sincere?
  • concealing something?
  • harboring another of motive?
  • open and honest with their true feelings?

If, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to get the honest answers directly from the source, then you may want to consult Spirit to get the truth.

For example, if you are hiring an individual for your business, understandably the candidate will present their best self. Plus, legally you can only ask certain questions. If you are interested in finding out if they will be a solid employee, a trusted business partner, or a loyal subordinate, Energy Profiling allows you to check in with Spirit before committing to any kind of employment contract.

How do you create an energy profile of a person?

This is where it gets fun! I don’t need to meet the person, talk to them, see them, or even know their name. I am able to read their energy by connecting through your energy. However, showing me a photograph of their face allows me to tune into them directly through their eyes. I am able to download a whole lot of psychic information this way.

And finally, the biggest question that I initially struggled with myself is, is this ethical?

In the video below, I answer the question of ethics, and then some, to give you a bigger and better idea of what this service is and how it can help you in your own life.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to book a session to have this service performed for you. We can energetically profile one, or more than one person, per session depending on your need.

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Love and light, xox

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