Symptoms of Existential Homesickness and 4 Ways to Manage

Symptoms of Existential Homesickness and 4 Ways to Manage

Symptoms of Existential Homesickness and 4 Ways to Manage A lot of individuals are experiencing an odd sensation that is difficult to identify. Not just light workers and energy healers, but the average Jane and Joe have been experiencing an odd, chronic mood that can only be described as feeling homesick for a place other than planet earth. An inner knowing that Earth is not your home. This is Existential Homesickness.

Empaths especially experience this feeling during this time of great transition and turmoil among the global collective. Because we know in our hearts and souls the truth that we are all one, we are all connected, it is difficult to see the way some human beings treat each other, themselves, animals, and the beautiful planet that gives us life.

When we see such atrocities acted out and what feels like a permanent division among the people, how can we possibly maintain that we are all one and connected to one another when we witness such an extreme opposite.

It is akin to the feeling that you are not related to your brother who continuously abuses your beloved mother. How can you possibly come from the same family? The only explanation is that I must’ve been adopted and come from a different family.

Does this feel familiar?

Symptoms of Existential Homesickness:

  • No matter where you are living, vacationing, or traveling through, there is no location that you have experienced in this lifetime that feels like home
  • You feel at odds with your physical body, like you and it are on different pages at times
  • It is difficult, almost painful, to be a part of superficial conversation and shallow small talk, especially when it is negative and has no value towards the greater good
  • You’ve been called an “old soul,” and most likely more than once
  • You are fascinated with the cosmos, planets, stars and can stare up at a starry night sky for hours, if able
  • You feel as if sometimes you travel back home in your dreams
  • It is difficult for you to feel truly loved, “seen” or understood by people
  • You inherently feel as though you are living with a secret, or live a double-life, even though you are one of the most truthful people you know
  • You have only a small handful of people that you allow close to you and feel true love and respect towards, aside from being loving and nurturing for many others
  • You find it is draining to be around other people, even those you care about, and at times just find it easier to be alone
  • You’re amazed that negative social behavior and unbalanced economics are still actually a problem and hasn’t been “dealt with” yet
  • Your psychic abilities are undeniable as just a part of who you are and how you walk through life

These are just a few of the symptoms that many intergalactic souls experience while living the human experience.

First of all, let me tell you that you are not alone in this feeling. Not only do I experience this feeling myself, as do many, many others, but there are legitimate reasons why you do feel this way – such as:

  • Soul origin from other star systems (Starseed, Indigo child, Pleiadian, etc.)
  • Past lives as alien beings or Atlantean
  • Destined to be a light worker
  • Natural-born empath
  • Carrying light energy and vibrating at a higher frequency than the collective average
  • Etc.

There is a clearly defined reason why you are incarnate here on planet Earth at this exact time in history. Whether you know it or not, you have a very important role to fulfill that is imperative to the energetic shift of the global consciousness. This is no small feat! And certainly not an easy job to endure during the tougher, more exhausting times.

However, there ARE ways in which you can manage yourself and your energy that can appease this homesick feeling that you may be experiencing.  Check out the following video to learn some ways in which to care for yourself during this time.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to book an Intuitive Healing session.

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Love and light, xox

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  1. Kim - July 19, 2017 at 7:15 am Reply

    I have no way to express how grateful I am to have come across your website while on Facebook and I don’t even know now how I ended up here, what the connection was, but I’m almost in shock that I have finally found someone who totally understands what nobody else in my life seems to, and that is my deep deep deep yearning for home (but I don’t know where it is except it’s not Earth) that I have felt since my first memory of childhood!!! I can relate exactly to every word you have written in this post and everything you talked about in the video. I never felt, and still don’t, that I belonged to the family I was born into and have never felt :at home” anywhere I’ve ever lived or visited. ‘ve always felt I had a mission but don’t know exactly what it is so I just stand in my Truth, am an open book for anyone who might benefit from the story of my life here so far, and am on Facebook constantly sharing posts about anything and everything spiritual or energy wise that relates to healing, finding one’s own truth, Ascension, etc to try to help anyone that my shared posts might speak to and to hopefully help awaken those still asleep that might come across my posts especially because they are all shared publicly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this write up and video. If you could please reply with the spelling of the purple stone you suggested I’d really appreciate it. I’ve tried grounding techniques such as walking barefoot for a while on the grass and guided meditations for the root chakra but I didn’t quite feel the relief I’ve been searching for from this constant yearning and it’s caused pretty big issues for me, especially anger, I swear I have a tiny memory of throwing a huge temper tantrum about having to come here but the who, what, where aspects of it, as it’s a very faint memory. I’ve dealt with everything emotional wise that you mentioned and even suicidal at times. I am ok now and focusing on learning how to Ascend because maybe that’s my ticket home if I can make the shift to 5D. I could go on and on but I’ve babbled enough. Again, all my thanks for this, for helping others like me!
    Blessings ♡

    • Kate Moriah - August 12, 2017 at 12:06 am Reply

      Thank you so much for your sincere sharing, Kim! <3 Many thanks right back to you. I'm so grateful that this post has helped you feel validated and understand that you're not the only one experiencing this sensation. The stone I believe you're inquiring about is Sugilite. This stone has a potent protective energy about it - very connected to Archangel Michael energy. Hopefully this will help ease the discomfort of being here. <3 Continue doing exactly what you're doing as you're being guided. And please feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to work together on your next steps. Sending hugs!

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