The Business of “Is-ness”

As some of you know, I recently took a trip to Sedona, Arizona over the holidays. Sedona is praised as the “Mecca” for new age spiritual folks, and rightly so! Sedona is amazing because it is a location that offers many energy vortexes coming from Mother Earth, naturally attracting those who are on a spiritual path to seek out and work with these energies. It is a powerfully transformative place that will push you to the next level in your journey. Granted, that may not be comfortable to everyone because the energy amplifies anything that is pre-existing.

For example, if you have been dealing with alcoholism, being in Sedona may exacerbate the addiction causing you to hit a bottom much deeper and sooner than you would if you were just drinking yourself silly in Minnesota. Conversely, if you have been doing inner work and come to Sedona with a pure heart and of loving intention to use your gifts and be of service to humanity, it can speed up the clearing away of what no longer serves you, so that the path to your Soul Purpose is abundantly clear. And your soul purpose is the kind of thing that is continuously evolving and revealing more and more to you as you dig deeper, so it’s a pretty incredible path to be walking! Needless to say, each person experiences the energy vortexes differently, depending on their life path.

The Sedona trip, as I’ve been calling it, was an enlightening and empowering experience full of learning, purging, clearing away, connecting to soul tribe, welcoming magic and miracles, creating direct dialogues with my angels and guides, and filling up on all that I’m vibrationally attracting in to my life. It was an INCREDIBLE experience, to say the least! I plan on sharing more details about my personal experiences in Sedona in future blog posts, so stay tuned for that!

Upon returning to the Pacific Northwest, I feel refreshed, motivated, humble, and ready to serve humanity using the gifts that I have been slowly mastering. First order of business that I want to tackle is making energetic work, intuitive healing, and mediumship services available to everyone!! I come from a long line of powerful women who firmly believe that healing and spirit messages should be accessible to everyone – no matter what your financial situation. One should have nothing to do with the other. Everyone needs healing, but not everyone can afford the high prices of these services.

That’s why I am moving into the business of “Is-ness.”

Starting now, all healing sessions will be $35.

Yup!! That’s right. Energetic alignments, mediumship readings, intuitive healing sessions, cord-cutting, spiritual guidance, all of it! The same services you would get for $111, $180, $250, sometimes up to $500 by others, I am offering for $35 for up to 1 hour.

Some examples that would benefit from a session with me:

  • Relationship turmoil, romantic or otherwise
  • Dealing with general anxiety or depression
  • Feeling “stuck” in life
  • Grieving the death of a loved one
  • Searching for passion, higher-calling
  • Interpreting metaphysical reasons for physical ailments
  • Discovering and working with own abilities such as empathic abilities, or clairvoyance
  • Clearing energy from past lives
  • Having trouble making a big decision
  • Dealing with recent break up
  • General curiosity of what your spirit guides have to tell you

And that’s not the best part: if you can’t afford $35 or don’t trust that you will receive the healing or messages that you need, then opt for the donation basket. At the end of the reading, pay what you feel it was worth. If you feel like I cleared away lifetimes of negative debris and are feeling super generous, awesome! If all you have is a bag of apples and a high-five but need to let go of a past lover’s grip over you, awesome! This is an exchange of energy, so what you feel I have given to you in service, that is the cost. The most important part is the work!

The fact that you want to heal. The fact that you want to grow, expand, move forward, and progress, THAT is the point! And I am here to help you move forward and step in to your power. RECLAIM your power! I want to offer the healing that you need but aren’t sure how to get. I want to connect to your spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over to translate messages that they need you to hear. Money should never be the issue that prevents your soul’s expansion.

So now there’s no excuse!! Haha!

Yeah, baby! Let’s do some healing!!

Love and light, xox

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