The Secret to Not Taking Things So Personally

The Secret to Not Taking Things Personally

If you are as emotionally sensitive as I am, you already know that managing the way you experience other people’s emotions, and sometime opinions, can be a struggle.

Sometimes it is almost impossible not to take things personally… especially when other people tend to not take responsibility for their effect on others.

Especially, especially when you’re dealing with a narcissistic ego structure.

This is a common issue for emotional empaths. The gift can be a double-edged sword on both sides, in the sense that:

  • It is all too easy and sometimes unavoidable to absorb the emotions of others.
  • If you’re an untrained empath, you could be broadcasting and not managing your own emotions without realizing it.

Well, what if I told you there is a secret to not taking things so personally? There is a way that you can process these situations so that you don’t take on and own anything energetically, including that which does not belong to you or align with your truth.

The secret has to do with understanding how multiple realities, which are very different from each other, can exist simultaneously. Check out the video below to understand more about what I mean:


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