My Top Shamanic Technique to Help with Intense Pain

My Top Technique to Help with Intense Pain

My Top Shamanic Technique to Help with Intense PainDealing with physical pain is just one of those not-so-fun parts of being human. It’s not pleasant, it’s certainly not comfortable, and it can sometimes be so intense that it’s unbearable!

What can you do about that?

Well, in order to understand how to deal with pain, first we must understand what pain is:

We are taught to see it as an alarm system in our physical body indicating that something is wrong. And this is true! But it’s not the whole truth.

We can often fall into the belief that when pain is introduced into our awareness, that we have no control. It is something that consumes us. It takes our joy away and replaces it with agitation and discontentment. We feel we need medication, whether prescriptions drugs, over-the-counter drugs, or something more recreational often as the go-to for dealing with intense pain. Or we must suffer through it until it dissipates and goes away.

Take Your Power Back Now

There must be a better way to take back the reigns over your experience.

True, pain is here to act as an indicator that something needs your closer attention. It might be an injury or illness that needs medical attention, or chronic pain from an injury or old wound that has not been fully healed (like in the energy body). It may be something silly like stubbing your toe (telling you to watch where you’re going) or hammering your thumb while hanging a picture (maybe the picture doesn’t want to go there).

Whatever it is, we understand that something is trying to get our attention.  But first, we must move through and release the pain before we can take any time for analysis.

In this week’s video, I share with you my top technique to help with intense pain. I learned this technique from a shaman in Sedona while doing a Kambo ceremony. The ceremony is excruciating to go through but you learn how to move through physical pain while releasing old bondages and toxins from your systems. So needless to say, I know that this technique works from firsthand experience. Check it out below:

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Love and light, xox

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