What Needs to Happen After a Wake-Up Call

What Needs to Happen After a Wake-Up Call

Sometimes in life, the Universe gets our attention in a way we cannot ignore. This is when we experience what is known as a “wake-up call.”

It’s goal is to wake you up out of a lack of consciousness and bring you into a state of awareness. What needs to happen now that we are paying attention?

No matter how large, or how small, there is a sequence of steps that we move through when a life-altering event happens. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic wake-up call, like the injury or death of someone in your life, although sometimes it can be.

Often, wake-up calls are an event that is just enough to shake up our “norm.” It is something that gets our attention. Our daily lives are so full and so busy that we often fall back on relying upon routines just to get us through. When we rely too heavily on these routines, they can morph into something different than what we started with, or no longer serve our Highest good. If we stubbornly cling to our routines or what we are familiar with and do not take inventory on if this is still working for us, then we may find ourselves getting a wake-up call!

When we do, this is the trigger for the change to follow. A shift is absolutely necessary and often unavoidable after an event gets us to pay attention to how we are running our lives. To ignore this information after such an event would create resistance, thus leading to further damage to our life’s flow – and almost assuredly another wake-up call.

Check out the video below to learn what the phases are that we move through when experiencing a wake-up call and what has to happen as a result of it.

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