What No One Tells You About Why Our Jobs Matter

What No One Tells You About Why Our Jobs Matter

What No One Tells You About Why Our Jobs MatterSince the industrialization era, there has been a work template that we all seem to follow. It is part of the “hive mind mindset” that we need to work 40 hours a week and have a steady paycheck in order to afford all the things that would make us be seen as “successful.”

That template is not a one size fits all – but yet it is treated like one. Productivity has long been pushed as the priority within many companies, but do we ever allow ourselves the opportunity to ask what are we being productive towards?

There is a reason not everyone can abide by that system. We are not put here on Earth to do anything other than what we are meant to do. We come into these bodies with a set of skills, talents, and wisdom collected from all of our past lives. And if we are doing anything other than what is grounding our soul gifts into this third-dimensional reality, then we are left with the sticky feeling of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anxiety, being overwhelmed, or worse…

In the video below, I share some crucial questions we need to ask ourselves when directing our life force energy into our work. Take a moment to ask yourself these important questions to see if you are aligned with your purpose or not.

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