What's the Difference Between Being Selfish and Self Love?

What’s the Difference Between Being Selfish and Self Love

What's the Difference Between Being Selfish and Self Love?It can certainly be difficult to discern the difference between being selfish and self love when we live in a world that skews messages regarding either one. But there is a difference!

Nowadays, we are surrounded by so many selfish actions of others. From the larger scale of our political leaders and terrorists affecting mass populations to the smaller scale relationships where our friend just calls to hang out so she can talk about herself the entire time.

Simply because we fear the stigma of being labeled or possibly hurting others, we become torn. It is all too easy to get confused as to knowing if we are acting out of selfishness or self love.

Sure! If we sat down and really thought about it, we could answer honestly and directly:

“Of course I am acting out of self love. Of course I’m not being selfish.”

But are we able to connect to that truth as an immediate reaction? Or is our knee jerk reaction to feel conflicted or deny ourselves time, rest, the bigger portion of chicken at dinner, or whatever it is we want because we have labeled it as being selfish.

The Confusion-Causing Inner Conflict

There is this pattern of inner conflict that is too easy to fall into. We get hung up on not doing something because we think it’s too selfish – when really, it would be filed under “self care” and “self love.”

Then there are those cases where some don’t even consider their motives if their actions are selfish or not – and those typically tend to fall under the category of selfish.

But without painting with such a broad brush, the basis of determining if an act is selfish or from self love is considering the effect of the whole. Unity. The collective consciousness.

For example, if I take a nap instead of doing the dishes, is that selfish or self love? Well, considering no one is harmed in the making of my rest. My family is not going to starve or miss out on a meal if there are dirty dishes in the sink. Whereas, if I am well-rested and feeling balanced, I will have more energy to not only do the dishes later on, but be able to show up fully present to be with my family. And who knows, maybe I will even get a little help with them too!

To learn more about the difference between being selfish and self love, check out the video below. Don’t forget to comment below to tell me what you did today as an act of self love!

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